Pseudogout – Frisco, TX
OrthoTexas Frisco offers comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of knee conditions. The orthopedic surgeons have extensive experience in treating different forms of Knee Arthritis, including Pseudogout.


Pseudogout, also known as Calcium Pyrophosphate Deposition Disease (CPPD), is a form of Arthritis which may affect more than one joint at the same time.  It most commonly affects the knee and wrist joints. This disorder is characterized by the formation of crystals of calcium pyrophosphate dehydrate. These crystals remain embedded in the cartilage within the joint but may eventually be released into the joint fluid. Their seepage into the fluid causes sudden attack with symptoms similar to Gout. The condition is more commonly observed in aged people. Deposition of crystals creates Arthritis like symptoms which may eventually lead to serious damage of the joints.

Causes Of Pseudogout

  • Ageing may promote the formation of crystals
  • Genetic traits make some people prone to this disorder
  • Presence of excess calcium and iron in the blood
  • Underactive thyroid gland
  • Proactive parathyroid gland
  • Direct trauma to the joint
  • Consequence of joint surgery
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Renal failure
  • Dehydration may trigger Pseudogout
  • Ochronosis- discoloration of tissues and cartilage within the joints due to the accumulation of acids
  • Amyloidosis- deposition of insoluble proteins in the tissues and joints

Symptoms Of Pseudogout

  • Sudden pain and swelling which may last for a few days
  • Warmth spreads over the affected joint
  • Severe pain
  • Deformity
  • Restricted mobility of the joint
  • Redness
  • The area around the joint is tender when touched
  • Fever

Diagnosis Of Pseudogout

  • Blood tests may be required to check for mineral imbalance and thyroid dysfunction
  • A sample of joint fluid may be drawn with a syringe to diagnose crystal formation
  • X-ray imaging
  • Analysis of patient’s previous health records and illness
  • Evaluation of family history

Treatment For Pseudogout

  • Arthrocentesis- Removal of fluids from the joint helps to alleviate pain and pressure
  • Prescription of anti-inflammatory medicines and pain killers
  • Use of corticosteroids in the form of oral pills or intravenous injections
  • Resting the affected joint
  • Applying ice packs at regular intervals
  • Keeping the body well hydrated
  • Alcohol consumption needs to be avoided to prevent crystal formation and attacks
  • Regular exercising to maintain ideal body weight
  • Colchicine(medicine) may be prescribed
  • Limited intake of salt and sugar
  • Use of splints, braces or cane to support the joint

Surgical procedures may be required if the joint is badly damaged leading to instability. These may include:

  • Surgical removal of crystals from the joint spaces
  • Replacement of a part of or entire joint with artificial parts to restore movement

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