The knee surgeons at OrthoTexas, Frisco, provide comprehensive surgical and non-surgical treatment for various orthopedic conditions such as sprains, strains, fractures, ligament injuries, dislocations etc. They use minimally invasive techniques to perform plica surgery and help patients find relief from pain.

Plica Surgery In Frisco

Plica surgery is a procedure that involves removal of plica, a fold in the lining on the inner side of the knee joint present as an extension of the synovial membrane. It moves over the rounded edge of the femur and allows for a smooth bending and extending of the knee joint. Plica Syndrome occurs when this lining becomes inflamed or the plica is enlarged. It may be a result of sudden trauma of the knee, weak hamstring/quadriceps muscles, injury or excessive stress due to repetitive activities. The condition may lead to discomforting symptoms such as severe pain, swelling, muscle weakness, snapping sensation while bending the knee and an altered mobility of the kneecap.

Plica Surgery: The Procedure

Plica surgery is usually performed using arthroscopic techniques and may take 30 to 40 minutes to be completed. The knee surgeon may administer local or general anesthesia and make small incisions in the joint. A saline fluid is injected through one of these incisions which allow the surgeon to view the knee structures clearly. An arthroscope, a long thin tube with a camera attached, is also inserted. Once the plica is located, small surgical tools are inserted to cut the synovial tissue and remove the membrane. Subsequently, the incisions are closed with sutures and a sterile bandage is wrapped around the knee.  

Recovery From Plica Surgery

For the first few days after undergoing plica surgery, the knee surgeon may recommend the patient to apply ice pack and keep the leg elevated. Medications may be prescribed to relieve the patient from pain and inflammation. The patient may consider using crutches or cane while walking to avoid putting weight on the affected knee. A brace may also be work to keep the knee stabilized and avoid any strenuous movements. After a few weeks, the knee surgeon may refer the patient to a physical therapist to strengthen as well as stretch the hamstring and quadriceps muscles.

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