Partial Knee Replacement – Frisco, TX
The orthopedic surgeons at OrthoTexas, Frisco perform partial knee replacement to help patients find relief from chronic knee pain. They specialize in using minimally invasive techniques to shorten recovery period from the surgery.

Partial Knee Replacement In Frisco

Partial knee replacement, or unicompartmental knee replacement, is a surgical procedure performed to treat patients with Arthritis in a specific part of the knee joint. The knee surgeon replaces only the damaged, usually lateral or medial, portion of the knee. It helps to relieve pain, restore joint functionality and prevent the progression of the condition to other parts of the knee.

When Is Partial Knee Replacement Recommended?

Partial knee replacement may be beneficial for patients who have Arthritis in a single compartment within the knee joint. In case of inflammatory Arthritis, considerable stiffness in the knee joint or damaged ligaments, the procedure may not be recommended.

The orthopedic surgeon may perform partial knee replacement if patient:  

  • Is not overweight
  • Is above 50 years of age
  • Does not participate in strenuous physical activities
  • Has not damaged other knee ligaments, specifically the ACL
  • Has a normal range of motion of the knee

Partial Knee Replacement: The Procedure

Partial knee replacement surgery may be performed under local or general anesthesia. The surgeon may make small incisions, approximately 3 to 5 inches, at front of the knee. The following procedures may be involved in a partial knee replacement:

  • Preparing the bone: The knee surgeon may use specific instruments to remove the cartilage and tissues from the damaged knee compartment.
  • Implanting metal parts: Next, metal implants may be inserted in places of the cartilage to reconstruct the joint surface. Bone cement may be used to hold the prosthetic parts in place.
  • Inserting a spacer: A plastic spacer may be inserted between the metal implants to allow their smooth movements.
  • Closing the incisions: Finally, the muscles and tissues are put back in place as well as the incisions are sealed with sutures.

Recovery From Partial Knee Replacement

Recovering from a partial knee replacement surgery may take a few weeks. Medications may be prescribed to relieve pain and inflammation. The knee surgeon may advise the patient to use crutches to avoid putting weight on the affected joint. He may also recommend certain exercises to increase the strength and mobility of the knee.

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