Knee Pain
As the most important weight bearing joints of the human body, knees are highly susceptible to pain, injuries, Arthritis and other degenerative orthopedic conditions. These are mostly due to being involved in rigorous physical activity or sitting for long hours at work. Whatever be the reason, injuries and medical conditions causing knee pain can be incredibly troubling and affect the routine functioning of an individual.

Common Symptoms Associated With Knee Pain

  • Feeling of instability in the knee
  • Difficulty while walking
  • Inability to bend or straighten the knee
  • Swelling and redness
  • Visible deformity in the knee joint
  • Popping sensation
  • Difficulty bearing body weight

If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms, it is recommended that you consult a knee pain doctor before the condition worsens.

At OrthoTexas, Frisco, TX, our orthopedic surgeons will peovide you personalized care and comprehensive treatment for knee pain. Our physicians specialize in the treatment of an array of knee conditions. We use the most advanced imaging technologies to diagnose the severity of the condition and formulate a treatment plan accordingly.

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