Iliotibial Band Syndrome- Frisco, TX
OrthoTexas, Frisco is a group of orthopedic surgeons providing treatment for various medical conditions of the knee. They specialize in treating patients suffering from Iliotibial Band Syndrome.

Iliotibial Band Syndrome

The iliotibal band is a group of fibrous tissues at the outer part of the knee. It helps to stabilize the knee and hip during activities such as running or jumping. When the knee is repeatedly bent or twisted, it causes the iliotibial band to rub against the hip bone, leading to pain and inflammation. This condition is known as Iliotibial Band Syndrome. It is quite common in cyclists, runners and people who indulge in aerobic activities.

Causes Of Iliotibial Band Syndrome

  • Activities that involve repeated inward turning of the legs
  • Wearing wrong sized shoes
  • Running excessively downhill or on rough surfaces
  • Inadequate warm up
  • Over pronated feet
  • Overuse of the knee
  • Weak hip muscles

Symptoms Of Iliotibial Band Syndrome

  • Stinging or popping sensation in the knee
  • Numbness and tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Pain in the knee or hip
  • Pain improves with rest

Diagnosis Of Iliotibial Band Syndrome

The orthopedic surgeon physically examines the knee and may inquire about the medical history of the patient. He may also suggest certain imaging tests, such as X-ray and MRI, to confirm the diagnosis.

Treatment For Iliotibial Band Syndrome

  • Medications: The surgeon may prescribe anti-inflammatory medications to offer relief from pain and swelling.
  • RICE therapy: The patient may be advised to follow R.I.C.E therapy, which involves taking rest, applying ice packs to the affected area, compressing the knee and elevating it above the heart level. This prevents the condition from worsening and promotes healing.
  • Physical therapy: The knee specialist may suggest the patient to undergo physical therapy sessions. The exercises performed, under the supervision of a physiotherapist, may include controlled stretching and strengthening of the knee to improve joint flexibility as well as range of motion.
  • Orthotics: Wearing comfortable and properly fitted shoes along with orthotics can be recommended to maintain proper gait. This distributes the weight evenly and reduces pressure on the knee.
  • Surgery: If non-surgical treatments do not offer relief, surgery may be recommended. During the procedure, the knee surgeon may use an arthroscope to reduce the scarring around the iliotibial band or lengthen the tissue to prevent stretching. Post-surgery, the doctor may recommend rest and physical therapy for a faster recovery.

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