Patella Stabilization (Fulkerson) Osteotomy – Frisco, TX
The orthopedic surgeons at OrthoTexas, Frisco specialize in performing patella stabilization (Fulkerson) osteotomy. They have extensive experience in using advanced surgical techniques to minimize recovery period and restore the functionality of the knee joint.

Patella Stabilization (Fulkerson) Osteotomy In Frisco

Patella stabilization (Fulkerson) osteotomy is a surgical procedure recommended for patients suffering from chronic kneecap instability. The surgery helps patients find relief from discomfort and eliminate the feeling of the knee giving out. It may also be beneficial to treat orthopedic conditions causing anterior knee pain, such as Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (Runner’s Knee). The procedure involves releasing the constricted tissues from the lateral part of the patella and manipulating the posterior tibial tendon so that it is better able to hold the kneecap in place.

Who Is A Candidate For Patella Stabilization (Fulkerson) Osteotomy?

According to the knee surgeons in Frisco, patella stabilization (Fulkerson) osteotomy may be recommended for patients with recurrent episodes of kneecap instability. Also, if conservative treatment options, such as reduction, bracing and physical therapy, have not provided relief from the options, surgery may be required.

Patella Stabilization (Fulkerson) Osteotomy - The Procedure

The surgery may be performed under general anesthesia using minimally invasive techniques. During the procedure, the knee surgeon may make small incisions in the knee joint to access the lateral side of the patella. He may then move the bony attachment of the tendons in the tibia to the front of the knee to maintain the stability of the patella. Metal screws and pins may be use to hold the tendon in place and allow normal movement of the joint.  

Recovery From Patella Stabilization (Fulkerson) Osteotomy

After the surgery, the doctor may put the knee in a hinged brace for a few weeks. The brace may be removed while sitting or sleeping. The knee surgeon may advise the patient to avoid bearing weight on the affected leg. Crutches may be used while walking to provide support. Physical therapy may be recommended which includes range of motion exercises and strengthening the hamstring muscles. The patient may start walking after 2 to 3 months after patella stabilization (Fulkerson) osteotomy. Sports and other high impact activities may be commenced around 4 to 6 months following the surgery.

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