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Bowed Legs

Bowed legs or Genu Varum is a varus deformity in which the lower leg is angled inwardly with respect to the normal axis of the thigh, giving it a look of an archer’s bow.  The condition is common in toddlers below 18 months and fades away as they start to walk.

Causes Of Bowed Legs
  • Blount's disease (growth disorder in shinbone)
  • Abnormal bone development
  • Fractures that do not heal correctly
  • Lead or fluoride poisoning
  • Rickets, which is caused by a lack of vitamin D
  • Position of the fetus

Symptoms Of Bowed Legs

  • Awkward gait
  • Turning in of the feet
  • Knees do not touch while standing together

Diagnosis of Bowed Legs

Since the condition usually affects children the doctor may conduct certain diagnostic tests. He may begin by physically examining the patient. If he finds both the legs equally deformed no further tests may be required. In case if only one leg shows the symptoms, the doctor may suggest an X-Ray test to see whether the deformity is caused due to other conditions such as, Blount's disease or Rickets.

Treatment for Bowed Legs

Non-Surgical Treatment:

Depending upon the condition that has led to bowed legs, the doctor may want the patient to visit after every 6 months. He may also prescribe certain medication or ask the patient to wear braces for some time.

Surgical Treatment:

If the conventional treatment doesn’t work out, the doctor may recommend a surgery.

  • Guided Growth – In this procedure the orthopedic surgeon may stop the growth of bone on the heathy side that may give the abnormal side a chance to grow. This reduces misalignment and helps the bone to grow normally.
  • Tibial Osteotomy - The orthopedic surgeon may cut the shinbone and reshape it to correct the alignment. The bone remains at its place with the help of metal screws or plates.
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